Tuesday, August 2, 2011

TUMPAT: As Ramadan dawns, serunding (spice meat floss) from Kampung Laut here will have a special place on the dining tables of most Muslims, not just in Kelantan but elsewhere.
Serunding from Kampung Laut needs no introduction as it is very popular locally and abroad, throughout the year.

For Wan Hamzah Che Mamat, 73, and wife Wan Fauziah Wan Salleh, 66, Ramadan is the busiest time of the year as they have to cater to the huge demand for serunding.

With orders coming from all over the world, the couple, said to be among the most well-known ser unding makers in Kampung Laut, and their workers have their hands full in delivering bulk orders not only to individuals but also to government departments and agencies.
Orders for their spice meat floss have started coming in over the past two months.

Wan Hamzah said the orders would remain strong throughout the fasting month with some rest during Hari Raya.

“Sometimes, my workers have to work long hours, even during the weekends, to ensure we can deliver the serunding on time.” He said their factory, WFS Food Industries, could produce about 50kg of the spice meat floss daily with a shelf-life of between six months and a year.
This makes the serunding suitable for long-distance travellers, especially for Malaysians who yearn for a taste of the local flavour while they are abroad.

Wan Fauziah said the advantage of ser unding was that it could be served anytime for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

“It can be eaten with rice or bread and even taken on its own as a snack.” She said coconut milk, dried chilies, shallots, garlic and tumeric were the main spices used in cooking serunding.
“Using non-frozen beef will produce a more delicious and quality spice meat floss,” she said when met at her home.

Wan Fauziah, a mother of six, said it would take about seven hours to cook ser unding, adding that the couple had been producing serunding for close to 17 years.

Another serunding maker Azizah Zakaria, 55, said orders had increased three-fold since last month as many of her customers preferred to have serunding for their breaking of fast.

Azizah said she took over the business from her mother and ran it with her brother Daud, 61, and sister Rohani, 43.

Besides serunding, she also produces dodol, a traditional delicacy popular in Kelantan and other states.

“We have been making serunding and dodol for over three decades. This is our life and we will continue making them for as long as we can. I admit that it is hard work, having to toil over the open fire with the smoke and all, but I don’t mind,” said Azizah.
For years, serunding makers in Kampung Laut are said to have produced the tastiest and best spice meat floss in the state. It has become the village’s niche product and for some 50 families, ser - u nd in g-making is an industry that they have worked on for decades.

Ser unding, popularly known among the Kelantanese as sambal daging, is taken either during the breaking of fast, or ber sahur (pre-dawn meal), as the dish is said to have a unique way of lifting the low appetite of those who are fasting.

The village, is not only famous for its beef ser unding but also for serunding made from fish and chicken as well as other types of traditional food.

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